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SEREP (SECAMIC subsidiary) is specialized in the design, implementation and maintenance of various devices using high pressure gas or operated by pneumatic energy. SEREP Company also develops its efforts in clean energies.

OTAN number : FAUQ4

SEREP - Espace technologique - Rue F. Arago - 41800 Montoire sur le Loir


Many countries throughout the world have bought IR missiles systems.

Most of those systems are cooled by a cryogenic gas (usually high pressure Nitrogen). This gas stored in specific cylinders and for safety reasons these cylinders have to be checked and overhauled every 5 years.

Usual French made IR systems using theses high pressure cylinders (and associated benches) are listed here after:

The Air Defence MISTRAL SYSTEM has been delivered in several versions such as :

o SADRAL (Navy)
o SANTAL (Army)
o ASPIC (Air Force)

The MAGIC system which is an Air to Air missile, delivered in 2 main versions:



On these systems, a large majority of the gas cylinders and associated taps have been manufactured by SEREF Company. This company is now closed and SECAMIC is fully able to offer its customer the overhaul of such cylinders.

All above have a metal cylinder of 0,33 L, to be overhauled every 5 years. All above also have a drawer P/N BC101A020 with flexible hose assemblies, ref TS100A110, to be replaced every 7 years.

SECAMIC can offer the repair and overhaul of the associated calibration benches P/N BC162A010 and maintenance bench P/N 153A010. SECAMIC can perform the overhaul and repair of the equipped tanks P/N : BT121A010 (BT121A031 when mounted on helicopter), as well as argon gas container P/N : BC148A010 and its associated metal cylinder of 2 L, P/N : BT118A030

On the MAGIC I and II systems, the following SEREF equipments are fitted:

o Tap 101A050 or RB101A110 mounted on the 325 bars composite cylinder
o Hose assembly TS101A010
o Filter DV101A020
o Electro vane EV101A010
o Cartridge FM101A010 or 020
o Rack test flux BC115A010
o Metal bottle 2,2 L , 325 bars with tap ref RB101A080
o Flow test drawer ref BC115A010
o Distribution box : RA113A02 - Distribution box RA125A010

It is to be noticed that some BRONZAVIA metal cylinders (2.2 Litres, 325 bars ) can also be overhauled by SECAMIC, especially the ones carrying a tap A20FA0030.
On all above references, SECAMIC is dedicated to repair / overhaul the SEREF material and equipments according to the following scheme:

o The cylinder are inspected at reception and each of them will have its specific report
o After inspection, dismounting of the taps will be done
o The body of the cylinders will be inspected, sand washed, repaired and controlled
o Replacement of all wear and/or life time limited parts and routine replacement of filters, windows and fasteners
A pressure test will be performed by an independent laboratory, belonging to the French Administration and. Each cylinder will be tested individually and a special report will be issued after each test. If the test is positive, the cylinder will be re certified by the same official independent organization. This Government official stamp will provide another 5 additional years life to the cylinder.

The cylinder will be repainted and proofed.

The taps will be totally dismounted, all necessary parts will be replaced (screws, gaskets, glass…) and major unserviceable parts will be repaired or replaced. Proof test will be applied to each tap and relative report will be issued by SECAMIC.

Filter cartridges and hose assemblies will not be overhauled but replaced by new items.

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